Breast Symmetry

Breast Symmetry

Breast symmetry is an operation performed in the operating room. The operation lasts approximately 2.30 hours. After this and after having passed a few hours after the procedure, the patient will be able to return to his home.

This intervention is performed using general anesthesia in the operating room.

This surgery does not require hospitalization unless the patient wishes.

The results can be observed at the moment, although it will not be until approximately two weeks when the patient will be able to return to normal.

Hospital Quirón Málaga

Todas las cirugias del doctor cesar padilla

Dr Cesar Padilla

Dr. Cesar Padilla is one of the pioneering surgeons in breast augmentation surgery combined with prosthesis and fat lipotransfer using the Body-Jet (WAL) and EVL technique, which is the expansion of the tissue with intraoperative vibration that allows to achieve results more natural. 

Before and After

The best cases of surgeries performed by Doctor Cesar Padilla so you can see real examples of before and after.

Miembro de la SECPRE
Jefe de Cirugía Plástica y
Reparadora en el Hospital Quirón Málaga


+34 690 665 711

10 am – 19 pm

Hospital Quiron Málaga, Consulta 10

Avenida Imperio Argentina 1


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